Bismuth Bi0000(N6)

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Today our manufacturing plant offers to purchase bismuth Bi0000 (N6) on very favorable terms. It is widely used for manufacturing parts of complex, industrial equipment. Finds no more worthy alternatives to Bi0000 and when creating highly alloyed alloys. It is with its help that the operational characteristics of the rolled metal are improved. At the same time, we want to pay attention to the fact that the proposed bismuth 99.9999% for implementation corresponds to the technical regulations adopted all over the world. It is a finished product with absolutely pure metal content without third-party impurities. It is thanks to this that it can be used in the production process immediately without the need to undergo an additional, technological purification process. At the first request of the customer we are ready to present a certificate of quality for bismuth Bi0000 (N6) issued by the state standardization service. This is a very important point confirming that our manufacturing plant supplies exclusively high-quality products to the profile, domestic market.

Bismuth Bi0000(N6)

Характеристики: Bismuth Bi0000(N6)

  • Name: Bismuth Bi0000(N6);
  • Metal purity: 99,9999%;
  • Relevant state standard specifications: 16274.0-77;

For reference! The proposed pure bismuth refers to the so-called group of heavy metals. It has a silver with a slight gray hue color. It spills into the light. A small pink impurity is allowed. A particular advantage is the ability to melt easily at relatively low temperatures. This allows to give it the required shape or to obtain the required part from the original solid volume. And here it is also important to point to its unique and very rare property. We are talking about increasing density in the process of active melting. According to the exact data, this indicator increases from 9.8 to 10.07 g/cm3. This is important to take into account when carrying out the technological process, as its volume increases markedly. Bismuth Bi0000 (N6) is strongly similar to conventional water and rare metals such as GERMANIUM or GALLIUM.

It is important to remember that bismuth is a dangerous category and requires special precautions when handling it! It's worth remembering!


How to order Bi0000 from our company?

If you really were interested in our sentence and you were going to buy Bi0000, then you need to take several simple steps. For a start you need to contact us by one of phones on the website. Our highly qualified specialist will specify for you the operating delivery terms worldwide. Besides, we will share with you all up-to-date, technical information about bismuth of 99.9999% of our plant vendor. At the same time it is important to know that for our regular customers delivery around the city Almaty is carried out absolutely free of charge. Besides discounts at large, wholesale purchase are provided.

To buy highly active bismuth from us it will be required to enter payment in advance. Make it in any way convenient to the customer. Further we start forming of a load and preparation it to transportation. It is important to note that we bear full responsibility for safety of delivery of a load and its integrity. For this purpose we select for run of the experienced forwarding agent which accompanies a load with pure Bi0000 bismuth (N6) from a starting point to the customer's address. Thereby we only deserve bigger trust from outside of both old clients, and new, potential partners.

Scopes of pure bismuth

And now how it is possible to use pure bismuth in modern areas. Thanks to the physical and chemical properties of points of application quite a lot. Let's call the main of their number:

  • the difficult details used in devices of fire-prevention signaling and also the systems of automatic fire fighting. Here bismuth of 99.9999% does not find to itself the best alternative replacement;
  • production of special, sealing gaskets which are intended for work in special vacuum units;
  • production of valves. When melting a control seal in them (made of pure bismuth) opens the channel for passing of gases or technical liquids.

Cooperation on the most favorable conditions

Besides Bi0000 Bismuth (N6) finds for itself application and if necessary to make the special, melted model.

We want to tell all our potential clients that we responsibly approach loading and transportation of pure bismuth. For this purpose it is placed in hermetic wooden boxes with laying of the dense material excluding an internal backlash. Though it does not mean that its delivery on the world should go without our fixed control. It's not true. For this reason the load is accompanied by our forwarding agent.

Just contact us by the contact phone number of phone or send the electronic request for a mailbox of our plant vendor. Our manager will contact you as soon as possible and will specify delivery terms to the whole world.

We wait for you!

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