Cadmium Cd 0000 (N6)

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In terms of metals that are widely used for industrial purposes, it is worth mentioning cadmium as well. It is it in any necessary volumes and is ready to provide for sale our factory-manufacturer. At the same time we guarantee high quality of finished products and possibility to use cadmium in various directions. In addition, the customer can at any time verify that the item in the catalog is in compliance with all applicable technical regulations. They are all strictly enforced. This is monitored by our technologists, who have in their hands all the necessary tools to control the production of cadmium Cd 0000 (N6). First of all, these are modern lines of European production, which allow carrying out automatic monitoring of produced products. There is also a special test shop on the areas of our manufacturing plant. It is there that cadmium passes the confirmation of all its declared technical characteristics.

Cadmium Cd 0000 (N6)

Характеристики: Cadmium Cd 0000 (N6)

  • Name: Cadmium Cd 0000(N6);
  • Metal purity: 99,9999%;
  • Relevant state standard specifications: 22860-93;
  • Producing country: Russia.

How to order cadmium Cd 0000 (N6) from us?

If you are really interested in our offer and are going to buy cadmium Cd 0000 (N6) you should contact us immediately at one of the specified phone numbers. Our specialist in personal communication will clarify the existing delivery conditions for you and share up-to-date information about the selected item from the catalog. At the same time, we want to emphasize that our permanent partners can take advantage of the special offer. In this case, this is a free shipping option. We do not form tariffs for the delivery of cadmium to the internal territory and neighboring countries. This is done by the transport company cooperating with us. But at the same time we are responsible for compliance with the rules of transportation of cargo from the place of shipment to the final address of the customer. With a large, wholesale batch, we accompany the cargo with the help of an experienced forwarding agent. This makes it possible to guarantee the safety of the material and technical part according to the accompanying consignment note.

For reference! Cadmium Cd 0000 (N6) refers to a group of metals having a strictly expressed hexagonal lattice. The metal itself is quite soft, which makes it possible not to experience special difficulties in its mechanical processing. The color of cadmium is white with a barely visible silver cast. It is fairly dense and plastic. It is particularly worth noting that the metal described does not react practically to the negative influence of the wet environment. Even his prolonged presence in him does not destroy his molecular grate. On the contrary, a special protective oxide film is formed on its surface. This allows it to be used even without preprocessing.

Where it is used?

As it was already noted above – Cd cadmium 0000 the huge number of points finds for itself applications. And its main advantage also consists in it. It is about universality. Here only a few demanded areas where cadmium does not find to itself more worthy alternatives for replacement:

  • it can successfully be used as a principal component by production of group of "semi-conductor materials". Is also active component at industrial generation of phosphors;
  • industrial production cadmium electrodes. Here material considerably wins against other metals which are used for the same purpose;
  • as basic component of fusible and also jewelry alloys. Here it is necessary in small volume amounts. But at the same time plays very large role in the carried-out technological process (about 10%).

Besides, Cd Cadmium 0000 (N6) sold by our plant vendor at reasonable price widely is used as a protecting, corrosion-resistant coating. At the same time it shows very good results even in aggressive, sea water.

Attention! Cadmium is forbidden to be used for production of the food tanks and reservoirs contacting to drinking liquids!

Cooperation on profitable terms from our plant vendor

All those who was going to buy cadmium from us also should know that it is sold in pure form. This main condition allowing using material for production of chemical reactants and also details of the cryogenic equipment. In addition to everything told It should be noted that our pure cadmium possesses very high rate of heat conductivity. It does possible to apply it, including to semiconductor details.

At any time our customer can obtain more up-to-date information about the described type of finished goods. For this purpose just it is necessary to contact our experienced specialist consultant. It is possible to make it by one of the customer support phones designated on the website. Our specialist not only will specify delivery terms of CD cadmium 0000 worldwide. At the same time to regular customers preferential offers can be read. Including we can provide essential discounts when purchasing a wholesale batch for them. And of course – free shipping of ingots of pure cadmium. Its organization becomes possible thanks to existence of own transport service.

We are glad to cooperate on a constant basis with our business partners! Call!

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