Lead brand C0000 (N6)

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At a good selection of the products which are turned out by our manufacturing plant special attention is paid to C0000 brand lead (the maintenance of Pb in which not less than 99, 9999%). It allows to say about a possibility of its use for the most serious and responsible purposes. And there where metal of small purity can’t categorically be used – lead of 99.9999% takes the lawful place. And as statistics in two years shows, demand for these products steadily grows. And it means only one – our manufacturing plant produces the high-quality metal sustaining the serious competition in the profile consumer market. To be convinced of it, you can get acquainted with numerous positive reviews of our clients on the website of our company.

Lead brand C0000 (N6)

Характеристики: Lead brand C0000 (N6)

  • Name: lead brand C0000 (N6);
  • Metal purity: 99,9999%;
  • Relevant state standard specifications: 22862-93, 22861-77;

Respect for the quality standards

By the way, all active process of production of pure lead is conducted only at strict compliance with the existing technical regulations. In this case it’s about 2 relevant state standard specifications. The first of them is 22862-93, and the second is 22861-77. At the same time on our technological squares the modern, import equipment is involved. Also own accepted criteria relating only to pure lead are here too relevant. It’s formed in special ingots, which mass fluctuates in borders from 0.3 to 0.5 kilograms. It allows to use it practically everywhere.

Fields of use of C0000 lead 

Let's call only the main of their number:

  • production of the special semiconductor equipment; 
  • receiving clean chemical reactants by practical consideration in laboratory complexes; 
  • scientific research projects.

And it is only a part of those points of application where lead of 99.9999% does not find to itself other, alternative replacement.

How to order pure lead from us?

 You’ll be able to receive at our expert even more useful, technical information about pure lead. For this purpose just call to us the specified phone number. Our experts will consult you under the terms of delivery to the large cities of world. Please note that transportation of lead of 99.9999% is possible even to the most remote settlements of world. At the same time delivery around the city is provided to Almaty by us absolutely free of charge. And it is very favorable to you.

 You can also send to us the electronic application, having attentively filled a form. We guarantee the answer of the manager in the shortest terms after obtaining your notice. By the way, each our potential buyer can study the electronic version of the certificate of quality, given out by the public, authorized service of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Attention to production

We constantly are engaged in updating of own production lines which allow to solve a problem of receiving high-quality finished goods. The C0000 (N6) lead offered to realization by our manufacturing plant has low selling price. It becomes a preferential offer for large players of the market in the conditions of the developed economic realities. For example, following the results of 2018 at us it became 10 partners more.

Probably, it’ll be interesting to everything to learn, that receive pure lead mainly by a pyrometallurgical method. Under this the difficult, at first sight, name usual process of melting disappears. That is all initial, working material containing high percent of Pb undertakes and is located in high-temperature weight. Melting of lead happens at rather low temperature therefore it is not difficult to receive it.

Delivery of goods

Each of our clients has an opportunity to be provided more information about the realized grades of pure lead. For this purpose just it’s necessary to contact the experienced consultants for the phone number, specified on the website. Our experts will consult you under the terms of delivery to the large cities of Kazakhstan. Also consultants will consult you on the actions and its conditions which are taking place at us: for example, on free shipping or discounts for wholesale purchase.

By the way, the system of cumulative discounts on each following wholesale purchase of lead of 99.9999% can be provided for regular customers. You’ll not believe, but it is favorable at us! So you should hurry, as actions and discounts can end. We are aimed at high-quality and long cooperation!

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